Your stay starts with us!


Have you ever thought about being part of Erasmus? Has an idea of studying in the Czech Republic ever crossed your mind? If your answer is YES, let me tell you something about ISC Mendelu Brno.

We are non-government organization that helps and takes care of incoming international students, as you might be! Worth mentioning, more than 200 students from all around the world chose Mendel University in Brno as their Erasmus destination last semester. As you surely know, it is not easy to orientate and manage all the necessary things alone in the beginning of your stay in unknown country. That´s why we are here for you! There is no need to be worried about anything. We will grab an accommodation for you before you arrive, we will pick you up on your very first day here and show you everything you might need like campus, means of transport, city centrum. Your buddy will make the best for you to feel comfortable. Administration and managing staff regarding university will be piece of cake. Meanwhile, you will be surrounded by people that will become your second family.

But our help does not end up with beginning, though. Moreover, you will be never bored during your stay. You can count on it! We are preparing wide range of various activities every semester. So for example: Orientation week, trips around South Moravia, trip to Wien, International market, country presentation, sport and social activities, Karaoke night, City game, Tram party, Boat party, uncountable amount of other parties (Beer marathon, Flag party, Erasmus cup etc.) and these were just few of them! And trust us, it is not all by far!

Do not tell us that you want to skip the best period of your life. So what are you waiting for? Become an Erasmus at Mendel University in Brno! We are looking forward to you! See you soon!!

And because a picture can replace thousands of words, here is some tasting.

ISC_Mendelu_Mikulov.jpg ISC_Mendelu_Macocha_The_Moravia_Karst.jpg ISC_Mendelu_Znojmo.jpg ISC_Mendelu_Tram_party.jpg
ISC_Mendelu_Boat_party.jpg ISC_Mendelu_International_market.jpg ISC_Mendelu_International_market2.jpg ISC_Mendelu_Country_presentation.jpg
ISC_Mendelu_SocialErasmus_events.jpg ISC_Mendelu_SocialErasmus_events2.jpg ISC_Mendelu_City-game.jpg ISC_Mendelu_sport-activities.jpg