Welcome to Prague


Prague has quickly become the number one destination for students and interns. What she lacks in size, The Capital of the Hundred Spires makes up for in personality, history and spectacular monuments.

When travelling to Prague, try to plan your journey in advance and buy your tickets at the nearest station because you will not be able to do so on the bus or the tram. The metro only has three lines but it can be a little tricky to figure out where you are going if you don’t speak Czech. The tram is by far the best way to travel in Prague. You will get to see more of the city and it is open 24/7, with a limited service of every 30 minutes after midnight.

Taxis in Prague have unfortunately developed a poor reputation. Unscrupulous drivers will hover around train stations & tourist hotspots, and will take long, incorrect paths in order to increase the meter and therefore, their fare. There are some reputable companies such as AAA Radiotaxi & City Taxi, and you can avoid being scammed by calling in for a taxi ahead of time. 

What to do in Prague

After a quick chat with the locals and expats you will meet while wandering the city, you will realise that some of Prague’s best events and bars are well kept secrets. Prague has an amazing nightlife that would make any city jealous. When you are done visiting Prague’s numerous historic buildings and monuments, I would recommend you check out these places chosen (& tested by a FlatClub team member!) especially for you. 

The Cross Club - Secret bar/club only locals know about and lucky and well connected expats. With its Spanish inspired decors, the cross club is the perfect place for fans of alternative music where everyone comes to have a good time without any judgment.

The Beer Gardens- Fan of 80 cent beer, sunny afternoons and loud crowds? Look no more, and rush to one the beer gardens to enjoy a pint (or 5) in the sun. Our favourite is by far the one located in Prague 7 and 2. Nothing beats a beer with a view.

Palac Akropolis - Last but not least. My favorite place to be on a Prague’s night out. Palac Akropolis has managed to stay almost entirely Czech through the years. This hidden underground club/bar smell of cheap beer and cigarettes - yes, you are still allowed to smoke indoors in Prague - which adds to the relaxed Czech atmosphere. The best thing about this place? The welcoming atmosphere and amazing thursday jam sessions. You will feel like you belong and the young and trendy crowd will make you feel like home.

There is life outside of Prague!

I know what you are thinking. Prague is amazing, cheap and already gives you everything you need. Why would you want to leave it, even for a weekend?

Here are two reasons why:

Karlovy Vary - This spa town located in a valley is where to go if you are looking for a calm weekend outside of the city. Its colorful architecture and german atmosphere will make you go back in time and appreciate life outside of the city. 

Karlstejn - Just a short and cheap train ride (or bike tour) from Prague away, Karlstejn and its castle is the perfect destination if you wish to know more about the Czech Republic’s fascinating history. You can only access the gothic style castle by foot but the view and the surroundings are worth it! Only one part of the castle is available to visitors but if you book in advance you will be able to see more.

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