Walking or cycling to work or school improves well – being


Are you commuter? Almost everybody in bigger town or city is a commuter.

Researchers from University o East Anglia said: „Active commuters felt better able to concentrate and under less strain than hen travelling by car.“ In Europe (not only there) people, who commute, prefer driving. Yes, we are too lazy.

Nowdays officers encourage people to leave their cars at home could have a big impact on well-being. Thy physical health benefits of exercise are already well known and this study reinforces the idea there are positive psychological effects too.

The study, carried out at two faculties at Univeristy of New York, says – those who had an active commute were found to have a higher level of well-being than those who went by car or public transport. Commuters, who swapped the car or bus for bike or going on foot, they found happier after switch. They showed lower level of worthlessness, unhappiness, sleepless nights, and being unable to face problems.

It sounds logicaly, so in the universities cities in the Czech Republic are a lot of possibilities to hire a bike, share bike and go to school/work safety – cycling paths are everywhere. Town halls support everyday biking and built new paths. You are able to cycle all year, in bigger tors are not so much snow and climate is bikefriendly. Do something for you, it is the best oppurtinity how to find new friends.