Top 5 Czech movies you have to see

Movies are one of the best and easiest ways of learning how to understand a culture. What Czech movies should you watch then?

There are different ways of learning how to understand a different culture. Watching and trying to understand movies that were written and produced in a particular country can sometimes be a challenge but you'll be rewarded. These five contemporary movies of Czech origin will not only entertain you (at least we hope so), but also help you with cultural understanding. Plus you'll have something to talk about with your Czech friends.

5) Občanský průkaz (Identity Card)

A bittersweet comedy about four teenage boys, their friends and families and what it felt like to grow up and rebel against the regime in the 70's.

4) Účastníci zájezdu (Holiday Makers)

A movie based on a novel by Michal Viewegh, a famous contemporary Czech writer. If you want to see what a "traditional" Czech holiday looks like, this is a must-see. Funny and sometimes touching as well with a plot that could happen to anyone of us.

3) Želary (Zelary)

It wasn't love at first sight but it was love. A nurse who took part of a resistance movement against the Nazis in 1940s Czechoslovakia has to find a safe place to hide after she's discovered. A former patient, a man from a village far away, where time seems to have stopped a hundred years ago, agrees to hide her there.

2) Román pro ženy (From Subway with Love)

A romantic comedy, a chick-flick, that can also be understood as if the author were laughing at the clichés. Witty dialogues, situational humor and a little contemplation about what life can bring. Don't take it too seriously.

1) Pelíšky (Cosy Dens)

11th most favourite Czech movie of all times. Generation gaps, a love story and very different opinions about the history and the future set in the 60's with a slight overlap into the 70's. A bittersweet comedy with quotes that you'll probably hear very often from the Czechs. If you had to choose only one Czech movie, this should be the one.

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