To Study Or Not To Study? Deadline of your decision is coming!

Who was your hero at a nursery school? A dustman? Batman or spiderman? Or Cindirella, a princess, an ugly duckling?


Who was your hero at a nursery school? A dustman? Batman or Spider-Man? Cinderella, a princess or the ugly duckling? And later at high school? Plato, William Shakespeare or Neil Armstrong and his memorable statement: “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”?

Did you have a different idol? Contact us and we will help you to find the best for you in our country. Share and fulfil your dreams! To study or not to study? This question resembles the famous “To be, or not to be”? You will get to know a nice country, new culture and a prestigious university! All in one at our websites.

January was the month of open days at universities, so that was a great chance to visit them and learn about their programmes. Now February is the month of applications. In our next article you will find out what to do to apply.

The deadline is coming, do not hesitate and fulfil your dreams.

 It doesn't matter if you would like to be a writer, an astronaut, a vet or a successful businessperson, our universities offer plenty of programmes and we will help you with your decision. In the catalogue you can search all programmes in English at all public and private universities. This website will help you with making the first contact. Any questions? Use our forum.

Researchers and psychologists often speak about university studies and how important the right choice is. Everybody has some fairy tale heroes and in our souls we would like to be like them. What about Spider-Man? So let's go study biology or biophysics, how easy! And princesses? Find out their lifestyles and study history.

Good luck! What have you chosen?