Teachers' Day in the Czech Republic

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In the Czech Republic is Teachers' Day on 28th March – the birthdate of Jan Amos Komenský.

The date on which Teachers' Day is celebrated varies from country to country. Teachers' Days are distinct from World's Teacher's Day which is officially celebrated across the world on 5th October. Idea of celebrating took ground in many countries during 20th century. In the most countries they celebrate local educator.

Johannes Amos Comenius (28th March 1592 – 15th November 1670) was o Czech philosopher, pedagogue, theologist, educational reformer and religious leader. Comenius is remembered mainly for his innovations in methods of teaching, especially languages. He is considered the father of modern education. He was first, who introduced pictorial textbooks, which were written in native language instead of Latin. This big man influenced a lot of philosophers with his formulating the general theory of education. He was the forerunner of Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Fröbel, etc.

Every year on 28th March is a coronation of Golden Amos (Zlatý Amos) – price for the best teacher. Students nominate their popular teachers to this competition. Final of this competition is a big event with nominated teachers and their students.

Who do you give a price Golden Amos to? And why?