Poetry machine - first in Prague

Poetry machine.jpg

Amazing! Pague has a new curiosity.

It looks like a black metal periscope and passerby could listen to a czech poetry. Press the button only. Guess the riddle! What's this? Poetry machine.

People like news, which make special their daily routine, therefore Ondřej Kobza started his new new project. Coffeehouse Ondřej Kobza isn't unknow, Czech know him as a man, who installed pianos and chess table on the streets.

Current poets records their poems, others recordings come from Czech Radio Archive. Passerbies appreciate this curiosity. This jukebox of verses is very popular and an author is planning installing poetry machine to others czech towns and abroad. First abroad station will be Kiev in April.First poetry machine you find during your walk through Nám. Míru in Prague, you can play especially czech underground's poets, Egon Bondy, Martin Ivan Jirous, Jáchym Topol and others – Jaroslav Seifert, Zbyněk Hejda.

Opening ceremony started Minister of Culture Daniel Hermann and Mayoress of Prague 2 Jana Černochová with thousands audience.