Learning Czech: mission impossible?

We firmly believe that learning Czech IS possible. Here are some online tools that will help you master it!

Languages can be a colorful jungle of letters sometimes.

Everybody will try to scare you off when you start learning Czech. You'll hear exclamations such as "It's impossible to learn!" or "Do you know how many cases there are in Czech?"

Benny the Irish polyglot proves that it isn't impossible and that attitude matters in his article "Why Czech isn’t as hard to learn as you think". You might want to read this as a motivator and use some arguments when you fight the terrible rumours about Czech.

Getting some extra practice outside of the classroom and in the real world is always a good idea. Here's an overview of what we found the most interesting websites that could help you learn and master the supposedly unmasterable language for free:


Memrise is a community of people that want to help other people learn languages. There are many different courses, all created by other Memrise members. Just go through the courses to see what you'd like to learn.

Students of the World

Pen friends are a bit old-school (and so is this website) but it is still a cool and a bit retro way to learn languages. Who doesn't like getting letters?

A word a day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A word a day keeps boredom (or a dictionary?) away!

Czech in Prague

Behind Czech in Prague stands a private tutor of Czech. The website contains many interesting articles, grammar, podcasts and so on for all levels, starting from beginners to advanced students. Worth cheching out (no, this is not a typo ;) ).

Czech radio stations online

It might take you a while to find your favorite station and to actually understand what people are saying but it's worth a shot. Understanding spoken language without seeing the speaker is really difficult but it enhances your listening skills almost immediately. Step by step, you'll understand more and more.

Nechybujte (aka Don't make mistakes)

They say that if you don't make mistakes, you don't make anything. With language learning we could say that that if you don't make mistakes, you aren't learning anything.

Nechybujte.cz is useful mostly for native speakers or very advanced learners but might sometimes be useful for all learners, especially when it comes to synonyms or spelling rules. Basic Czech is necessary to navigate through the page.


Last but not least. A good dictionary is an essential piece of equipment for every language learner. Dict.com offers way more than usual online dictionaries, such as prepositions and cases that are connected to a verb, gender of a noun, examples of use or differentiation between meanings of words.

Do you have any more tips on pages where you can learn Czech? Let us know, we'll be glad to get to know them!