Love at the first sight

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Czech Universities - well-known architecture

In the Czech Republic are 26 public, 2 state and 44 private universities. Big amount to choose the best.  Almost all are the classrooms, labs and offices in old amazing buildings. Let’s see the architecture! Breathtaking building with monuments, statues or modern architecture with art items. Architecture of Czech universities copies our history of 20th century. Mix of historical and modern building - don’t hesitate and go sightseeing.

Many of Charles University’s buildings are beautifully preserved historical monuments of great artistic and architectural value. Charles University is one of the oldest university in th Europe, so the faculties reside in the oldest building in Prague and Prague!s architecture is well-known.

History of building Masaryk University Faculty of Law is too complicated and the building copied history of 20th century. The studies commenced in academic year 1919/1920. The teaching at Masaryk University, hence at the Faculty of Law too, was interrupted in 1939 as a consequence of the German occupation. During the war the Faculty's building was used by Gestapo and housed cells and interrogation rooms. After the World War II, following negotiations with the Soviet army, was faculty canceled, Its building was handed over to the Military Academy, which remained there until 1989.

University in Pardubice changed the architecture of the town.  In the early 1960s, a new complex of technological departments was built on the outskirts of the city, and two new wings extended the original main building in the city centre. At the same time, new Halls of Residence, a Dining Hall and sports facilities were built on the north bank of the Labe river.

Nowadays in the cities grow universities complexes, campus with park and modern labs. Art gallery is in Brno’s University Campus. In addition to its role as an educational and research institution, the university is incessantly broadening the scope of its activities; within the space of the past two decades, much attention has been devoted to the expansion of its contemporary art collection. Not only do works of art adorn individual faculties, but those installed at the university campus constitute further evidence of the university's long-term interest and devotion to art. Since its opening in 2010, nearly a dozen artworks by both Czech and international artists have been placed on the new Masaryk University grounds.