Job Fair Powered by Prague.TV


Speakers and consultants will also offer help on what people should do to find the best job. Job Fair powered by Prague.TV will take place Oct. 15 at Anglo-American University in Prague. The event will be multilingual and is especially useful for expats and people planning to relocate to Prague. Aside from a chance to meet with potential employers, there will be opportunities to get feedback on your CV or resume and on how to prepare for an interview.

A special highlight of the fair will be a presentation by Pepper de Callier, one of the most respected senior executive coaches and authorities on leadership in Europe. He is the author of three best-selling books on leadership and founder of the Prague Leadership Institute.

The fair will have top companies and recruiting firms offering jobs for people with a variety of language skills. Visitors will have an opportunity to compare what different leading companies offer to employees in terms of benefits and working conditions, as well as see what the companies need when it comes to skills and experience.

“The event is here to give people a chance to speak to employers directly and not have to wait to receive a reply to their application. Successful candidates will go straight into round two of their interview shortly after the event, so it basically speeds up the process and, most importantly, gives people first-hand information about the job and also their possible future employer,” Kateřina Kukrechtová from said.

Job seekers should come prepared. “It is best to have a simple one-page CV showing your last three jobs, but we will also have companies and consultants at the event helping you to get the right CV outlay, which can then be processed by recruiters,” she said.

There are a lot of opportunities in the Czech Republic due to its central location in Europe and its growth as an IT and high-tech hub. “I think Prague and Brno are very special; there are many jobs available for foreigners who want to use their language skills. Due to the location of the Czech Republic, German is one of the most sought languages on the market. Over the last few years, the Czech Republic has developed itself into a multilingual hub in Europe with a high number of international companies offering jobs, for example Expedia, Amazon and others, as well as locally based companies like ICON Communication Centres,” Kukrechtová said.

Job seekers might also find out about job opportunities that they had no idea existed and might otherwise not have tried to seek out. They can also find out about new developments in their sectors.

Entry to the fair is free to those who register for the event at Jobspin's page for visitors.

Updates about the event are available on a special Facebook page about job fair.