Introducing Unifer

If you're looking for a way to gain new working experience during your studies and you're located in Brno, try Unifer.


UNIFER is a student-oriented organization with the vision of implementing students into companies, to work on real-life projects and to be mentored by professionals. Students are able to gain experience and skills, which helps them to find a proper and appropriate job to build a long-term career.

The organization recruits creative and talented students with potential. Students who want to be members of UNIFER just have to fill in a simple form on the UNIFER website and the Realization Team will invite them to the assessment centre. Successful candidates become members of UNIFER and may choose projects they want to work on. Unsuccessful candidates can apply for UNIFER again in 6 months.

Students working on projects cooperate with their mentor. A mentor is a professional who shares his project-relevant (and other vital) experiences with the students, helping them to develop their skills. The mentor’s job is setting the standards of results and making sure they are achieved, realization of the project and proper communication between students and the client. One thing a mentor is not - mentor is not a boss.

All offered projects are relevant, real and viable. Participation on projects may contribute to long‑term or permanent partnership with the client’s organization. Projects have a wide range of specializations ranging from IT, marketing and PR to HR projects etc. The number of possible projects for students to work on is night infinite and new projects are still coming to UNIFER continuously.

Results and solutions of these are innovative, creative and confirm with all the professional standards. The goal of UNIFER is to create and produce new, different and creative results and solutions, that are a hundred percent viable as well and that’s all thanks to the cooperation between students and their mentors.

I am a member of UNIFER, lots of my classmates are as well. I can say that UNIFER has a unique environment where all students can work. Every room, every office is designed and furnished in different style and has it’s own theme. There’s even a playroom, a room for rest and many other rooms to stimulate a student’s creativity.


“I haven't been working for UNIFER for that long, but when the UNIFER's CEO Stanislav Galik had a presentation in our school about the company, vision and mission, I did not hesitate for a second and applied straight away. During the time I spent in UNIFER I was able to help with organizing and running of the Grand Opening event that officially opened the new offices to the public. I also participate in the Ambassador Team who is responsible for promoting Unifer among students in Brno on all kinds of events, using all kinds of marketing techniques. I also cooperate on a financial analysis project of stocks for a specific multinational company. All these projects have taught me many new things in their respective fields, which I am very happy about. The environment at UNIFER is very creative, friendly and inspiring. Given all the experience, new information, colleagues, friends and valuable knowledge I could not have asked for more as a student,” says Matej, 22.


My name is Tomas, I’m from Slovakia and I’m studying 3rd grade of my studies. During last year and half I was trying to find proper part time job, unfortunately every company was searching for someone with previous professional experiences and skills. I started to be confused when Mr. Galik came to our school present revolution idea of UNIFER. To be honest, I hadn’t complex idea about what Unifer really is, so I applied for assessment centre mostly because I was curious. I really liked spaces and environment of Unifer so as soon as I got through and became member of Unifer, I started to participate on different projects specialize on HR, marketing, graphic and design and many others. The thing on Unifer amazed me the most is that I’m part of projects were I can work, gain and develop my skills with great group of people. I can’t imagine better place where I can gain professional experiences and skills and still have fun.”Tomáš, 25.

UNIFER is very unique organization in Central Europe, situated in Brno. Nowadays members of UNIFER are mostly Czech and Slovak students. During the interview with the CEO of UNIFER I found out that the company is more than open to all English speaking students. Recruiting international students can only increase company standards, therefore – all English speaking students are more than welcome.

If you are studying in Brno or you are thinking about it, don’t hesitate and apply for UNIFER, (probably the best) student organization and just enjoy the ride!

If you want to enter UNIFER just send an e-mail to or visit (unfortunately, the English version of the page is not available at the moment).