International Film Festivals 2015 in the Czech Republic


Summer time is about festivals, in the Czech Republic it isn't otherwise. Offer of cultural events is very various.

Towns, villages, fields, castles recommend open air music festivals of all genres – from classical music through rock, pop, drum'n'base to punk and grunge. But not only music festivals are the hits of this summer.< /p>

One of the most famous festival takes place in Karlovy Vary – beautiful spa town. This year is a 50th anniversary, every year Karlovy Vary's festival visit Hollywood's celebrities – Penelope Cruz, Jude Law, Woody Harlesson, Leonardo di Caprio and Richard Gere. At the beginning of summer it is a meeting point of film stuffs, actors, actress, directors and all important people around film business. 50th International Film Festival Karlovy Vary – great cultural event, not only about movies.

Are you interested in movies and background of movies? Here is a cool plan for you from 24th July to 1st August – Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště. Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště has been for many years the largest non-competitive film festival in the Czech Republic. The former small-scale seminar designated for film clubs members was transformed into the second largest film event in the Czech Republic that yearly hosts thousands of visitors  Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště is not just a film festival. It offers methodical education in film and with film. The programme consists of sections, thematic lectures, and masterclasses with remarkable filmmakers, workshops, seminars and panel discussions. The distinct and complex accompanying programme contributes to the specific character of the festival and enhances its overall outreach. The educational aspect of Summer Film School isn’t carried out in tedious school manners.   

Have a nice movie's summer and send us your comments, photos and notices.