In the Czech Style


Almost all students have ended an exams terms, days are longer and the best weather for cooking and grilling, simpy spending great time together with family and friends.

At the beginning of last week we published article about Czech cuisine and recommendation of pubs delicacies, so I hope you try them:-) Not only pubs delicacies, but some of main course. However, cooking and home-made dishes have a big tradition. Czech recipes are extremely popular, and even if they are influenced by other cuisines, are still appreciated as individualized and with a particular taste. Traditional dishes are usually prepared in same ways, no matter the country region.

First step – look up the most delicious recipe

Step two – buy the ingredients (to eliminate misunderstanding - Czech food glossary)

Step three – spy out a kitchen and start to cook:-)

You will be in need of a lot of pots and serving spoons, spatulas, forks, turners, scrapers and tongs. Big pots that can be placed over open fires are specific to this cuisine. Also, baking pots and dishes are very popular in the Czech cuisine, since a lot of meals are prepared in the oven rather than on an electric fire. Ceramic dishes and plates with floral design are representative for a Czech cuisine, and there are also wooden spatulas, clay and ceramic pots, that are frequently used in the cooking process.

One of the most foreign friendly website with Czech recipe

By the way, first cooking winning isn't all. We would be pleasure to share your winning with us.

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