Have you ever flown a kite?


Have you ever flown a kite? No? Let’s try it. Nowadays are the best climate and condition for this crazy and unbelievable activity.

For more fun – arrange a meeting with your friends and create your own kite, it isn’t so difficult. Here is a process – traditional diamond kite:

1. Use paper to form the body of your kite. If you must, tape four pieces of paper together. But you have to tape them together the right way! Tape the two on top together, then tape together the two on bottom. Tape them on each other, making sure they're secure.

2. To cut a diamond shape on the paper, cut the 4 corners off. Take a look at the design below for a good idea on proportions. The diamond needs to be slightly bottom heavy -- about 3" from the top is where your two left and right corners should lie.

3. Tie two sticks together. To make sure they're in the right spot, line them up with your paper first. Tie as tight as possible! It should be securely knotted and the excess string cut off.

4. Pierce 4 holes in the diamond-shaped paper at each corner. Thread a string through each hole and around each pipe cleaner or stick. Leave a bit extra on the top to thread a ribbon on, if desired later. Knot the stick in place to the kite itself.

5. Tie a string to the right and left hand sides of the horizontal stick. Then tie the string to the center of that string for your flying line. This string needs to be as long as you need to be for flying!

6. Tie on paper or ribbon to the corners to form the tail. You can add small strips of material to the end of the kite for added buoyancy and weighting. It also looks more complete.

7. Find a breeze or some light wind. Ask someone to help you hold your kite as you wait for a moderate wind to come. The wind should be blowing toward you, not from behind. When you sense a breeze coming, start running and throw it up into the air! With luck, it'll stay airborne.

Enjoy spending time together, run over hills and breathe fresh autumn air.