Everything what you MUST know about Czech cuisine


Traditional Czech food is not exactly what one would call dietary, however it perfectly goes with the flavourful Czech beer.

And Czech beer is world known, so if you arrive to the Czech Republic, recommendation is - go to the pub and taste the beer.

„Pubs“ delicacies are Drowned – sausages pickled in vinegar, oil, onion, red pepper, and different spices, pickled ermine, fried onions rings or smoked ribs.


Few years ago Food festivals, Restaurant Days and Farmer's market have started and built big tradition. Czechs love food, food to beer, but nowdays healthier meals of our grandmothers, which contain a lot of vegetable, cereals and meat. 

A lot of foreigners called Czech cuisine too fat, but it isn't true. The most important thing is a quality of food, the most famous Czech meals are based on quality ingredients and home made products, so cream is cream and it won't be low fat:-) On the other side especially foreigners love fried cheese and chips, one of the most popular dish. 

Cooking is still one of the frequently housework, women cook and cook very well. Weekend's lunch usually starts soup (chicken noodle soup, beef soup with liver dumplings, onion or garlic and potato soup), typically main course is meat (on top of popularity is chicken and pork) and side dishes – different variations of potatoes (boiled, backed, fried, chips), rice, pasta or vegetable. We haven't see, but serving fish isn't unusually. Carp is traditionally served on Christamas Eve, mackerel are grilled in summer and trout or cod are Czech all years stars. 

Traveling and tasting new dishes is connected, so for total impress of the Czech republic taste beef sirloin with dumpling and vegetable cream sauceroast pork with sauerkraut and dumplingstuffed bell peppers with tomato sauce. Enjoy your meal!