Czechs cheer for sport

sports events.jpg

Czechs are sports fan! Although we are getting fatter, we love sport and we are proud of our czech teams.

Worldwide the most popular sport is football, Czechs like football as ice-hockey. All families spend time together and fan everywhere, at home, pubs, in the streets and on squares are installed big screens for cheering crowds. And this year will be in Prague and Ostrava Ice-hockey World Championship, so you can expect ice-hockey fever in the Czech Republic, the championship is starting 1st May and the tickets are sold out, but don't worry – you should fan everywhere.

Not only ice-hockey world championship will take place this year in the Czech Republic, in May will be Canoeing European Championship in Račice. Watter sports are very popular, canoeing and rafting are very often leisure activities for Czechs. Typical view of czech rivers – group of canoes with families or friends, singing and playing guitar.

In May we will fans our ice-hockey team and in June is in Prague, Olomouc and Uherské Hradiště taken place UEFA European Under – 21 Championship. So it means it will be football summer!

These sports events aren't regularly every year, but only this year in the Czech Republic, and sportsmen are looking forward to czech cheering and happy spectators. So, do not hesitate and visit sport place, atmosphere will be amazing. I'm sure.

Athletics meetings in Ostrava and Prague are worth a visit. Golden Spike Ostrava – athletic meeting with top athletes and Prague International Marathon. The Prague International Marathon is considered, by many, to be one of the top 10 marathons and invariably contains a number of high profile runners. Winding through the streets of one of Europe's most beautiful cities it is a spectacular race. And with a mainly flat course there is the chance for a personal best. The Prague Marathon takes all of this Bohemian city, the real Prague and the tourist attractions. Often preceding the Prague Spring Music Festival, it is a very musical event.

If you are sports fan too let's go to some sports event and enjoy the cheering atmosphere. I believe somebody borrows you flags, scarf and paint your face.

Go, go, go! :-)