Charles in Olomouc

What is it like to study medicine in Olomouc? Charles told us about his experience!

Our friend, Charles, wrote an article for us summing up his experience from studying medicine in the Czech Republic. Thank you, Charles!



Hi all readers, my name is Charles Louis and my nationality is Indian. I was born in Saudi Arabia, but now my family live in the UK.


I am studying General Medicine in Olomouc. I am currently in the 4th year, which means I have another two more years to go.


I have decided to study in the Czech Republic because my elder brother studied here and he told me that he really enjoyed the experience. There are of course other reasons, since I am an international student, the costs of studying played a key role when I was making my decision. Here they are lower compared to other countries and cities.


I did not suffer from culture shock. Living in the Czech Republic is not that different from living in the United Kingdom. I know what a culture shock is though, I suffered from it in the UK when I first came there. There were many differences compared to Saudi Arabia.


Since I am an Indian citizen it cost me a lot of hard work to obtain the visa and I needed to get a lot of papers. I also have to re-apply every year in order to renew the visa.


I had to learn Czech in the first three years of the medical course. In my opinion it is really helpful to learn Czech. Everything makes more sense then. You can meet Czech people and actually speak Czech and see their excited faces when you do so.


My experience in the Czech Republic is mostly positive. Most of the Czech people I know, I met through church. What I like most is that I became a Christian here. What I do not like that much is when exam time is getting near.


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