How to prepare - BACK TO SCHOOL


Don't panic, summertime isn't ending, weather in the Czech Republic is as by the Mediterranean sea, but the school is getting to start.

Tell us the truth - are you thinking about your next school year? Somewhere in your head, the strange feeling has started to alarm. Although university is an amazing opportunity, it can be daunting. New place, new people, new country, traveling, commuting, moving...

Who is prepared, isn't surprised:-) -old czech byword.

How to prepare back to school.

Useful manual for everybody:

1. check your e-mail box – including the spam folder, university, club or your accomodation agent send you useful information, tips or advice.

2. find the best bag/backpack/handbag - and prepare writing accessories and student gadgets – especialy young women like going to the stationary and choosing the most glamorous notes, colour pens, pins, post its...

3. check your wardrobe – everybody wants to be in, summer sales are in all shopping centres, so go shopping, hunt up and bargain some cool items.

4. browse pages of your university – browsing, searching, reading the history and finding up information, tips and other webs for survive in a new school year. At the beginning of term most of the universities or students clubs organize reunions and you don't miss them!

5. find a new friends - and discuss on social networks and forums

6. and at the end: check your bank account – you need money for the busy student's life (nightlife)