Application is so easy!

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Almost all universities in the Czech Republic offer Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral's degree programme in English.

The minimum entry requirements for Bachelor's and long-cycle Master's degree programme is a completed secondary education, for follow-up Master's degree programmes is a completed Bachelor's degree and for doctoral programmes is a completed Master's degree in a related field of study.

Most of the application must be applied to the end of February, but generally look at their website.Before you start with studying, you will have to go through not so difficult bureaucratic procedure.

7 easy steps how to apply:

  • choose a study programme – catalogue is for your help

  • fill the online application form or download the application form from the website

  • pay the application fee (exact amoung and way of payment is written in each application procedure)

  • print, sign and send generated by system form to the faculty with these documents:

    a notarised copy of diploma and secondary leaving certificate (it depends on the type of study programme) – nostrification – the process or act on granting recognition to a degree from a foreign university, your CV and cover letter in English

  • transcript of your records from previous university studies

  • offical translation of all documents into Czech or English

Do not hesitate use our forum for your questions!