Abishek in Brno

Abishek told us about his doctoral studies in Brno. Read an interview with him.

Another person to share their experience from studying in the Czech Republic is Abishek Mani Tripathi.

Abishek comes from India and has been living in Brno since 2011. He's studying forestry in a doctoral study program at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology at Mendel University and he says he would recommend this study program to other students from India.

abhi.jpg1) How old were you when you moved to the Czech Republic?

I am 26 now and I have moved to the Czech Republic two years ago, when I was 24. 


2) Why did you decide to study in the Czech Republic in the first place?

I was searching for a doctoral forestry study program abroad and fortunately I got a call from the Czech embassy in India. I'm a fan of Gregor Johann Mendel's work, so I was very happy that I was admitted to Mendel University in Brno. I also got a job at a new organization, Global Change Research Center, that is based in Brno. Moving to the Czech Republic was therefore an easy choice to make.


3) I suppose life here must be very different than life in India. What did you find the most surprising?

Yes, you are right. Asian and European cultures are completely different. The Czech Republic is completely different if you compare it to my native country, India. The major differences are especially when it comes to food, culture, social life and of course language. The most surprising thing is that people are very formal here, compared to India.


4) How was the paperwork? Was it hard to obtain all the documents you needed?

Paperwork was simple. However, I took a bit more time to get it done in India because of a few technical problems.


5) Are you learning Czech? Is it useful?

Yes, I am learning Czech, of course it is useful.


6) Are you planning on staying in the Czech Republic after you finish your degree?

My study program takes four years, so I have 2 more years to finish it. I do not know what I'm going to do next. I am not thinking whether I'll stay or not yet. I'm focusing on my PhD degree only. But I want to go back to my motherland one day.




Thank you very much for the interview and good luck with your studies, Abishek! :)

(Pictures by Abishek; DaBler: Wikimedia Commons)