How to apply for university in the CR

Congratulations on your decision to start studying in the Czech Republic. So, let's get to business, shall we?

All universities have their own deadlines for applications. The process of applying also depends on your dream school as the conditions differ from university to university or even programme to programme. But, in general, the process is very similar.

Usually, the application process starts with an online application that should be available on the university webpage. Don't forget to pay the fee after filling out thoroughly and submitting the application! One application = one application fee, so if you submit four applications, multiply the fee four times..

Before applying though, check whether you are qualified for university studies in the Czech Republic. If you have foreign education it is necessary to have it recognized by the Czech Republic. You should be able to obtain more information about the recognition process at the university webpage or by contacting the study department of admission office directly. Some information about recognized high education certificates can be also obtained here, on the webpage of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. You'll definitely need a verified translation into English or Czech language..

It is higly recommendable to apply to several universities or study programmes. In case you manage to be admitted to all of them, you can choose. Better than being left without a choice (or acceptance letter)..

Many universities offer study programmes in foreign languages, mostly English. You can find those in our Configurator. These programmes are paid and the costs differ from programme to programme. However, also international students may study in Czech language under the same conditions as Czech students, provided of course they have sufficient Czech language level. The universities or their international offices usually offer Czech language courses. For example Masaryk University in Brno organizes a one year long preparatory course of the Czech language for students who are interested in studying in the Czech Republic.

In case you decide to study in English language (or any other) and you're not a native speaker, the university might need you to prove your declared language level with an international certificate or test you on your language skills..

After finishing all necessary paperwork, submit your application which will most probably be online. Don't forget to pay the fees for all applications. Then await a letter from the universities about the date of entrance exams (if there are any). In case you would have to take an entrance exam, check in advance what will be tested and come prepared! Many things that are tested can be learned.

Good luck and don't worry to contact the office for international relations in case you have any questions. That's after all the reason why these offices exist. :-)